How to get into writing for TV?

How to get into writing for TV?

Considering a writing job for TV has been interesting now more than ever. TV shows are evolving from the production scope, storytelling, sequence up to the details. The masterminds behind these great TV shows like the HBO’s The Game of Thrones, a world renowned TV series, are none other than the creative writers. These are the people who huddle in a conference room to squeeze out their creative minds so they could give viewers a one-of-a-kind TV viewing experience.

If you are planning to be a writer for TV, there is surely no expressway on how to become one (unless you’ve got great connection). You’ve got to get to an entry level and that is to become a staff writer. A staff writer is someone who contributes ideas and materials to someone’s show, or any related materials. Unlike a journalist or a reporter, a staff writer does not need to leave the office to acquire reports or do scripts. They research and do writing on their computers. Simple at it may seem, but there is a lot of work to do before you can become a staff writer or a writer for TV.

Prepare yourself.

If you really want to be a writer for TV you should watch a lot of TV programs. Examine each program you watch from its pros and cons up to its smallest details. How is the TV program being presented? What is the strategy being used?

Invest in good reference books.

There are plenty of reference books for TV writing specifically written TV writers themselves. Look out for books that are high in experiences and details. There are always valuable tips you can pick up from the pages and the author.

Get a scriptwriting software.

Scriptwriting software can help you format scripts. There are free softwares you can download, but you can opt for softwares that can be downloaded with payment. These softwares are more comprehensive and industry standard.

Upgrade your skills.

After self-learning and observing, enrol yourself to Creative Writing programs. Writing for TV is different from writing for theaters, movies, etc. So make sure you are choosing the right program  which is writing for entertainment industry. You can enrol offline, or online to your convenience. You can take non-degree programs online. These programs offer certificate of completion that you can use once you apply. The good thing about enrolling is that you’ll learn the craft while getting connections from people who have real life experience in writing for TV.

Take  note that when you write for TV, you shouldn’t expect that your first project will be writing an original script. Expect that it will be a continuing script for an existing show or episode.  So, the best thing to do is watch TV programs then start writing and re-writing your own script and get criticisms from your mentor.

Look for an agent.

Lastly, if you think that you’re all set and prepared, look for an agent. Research for agencies that are looking for staff writers. Prepare your own best script to be submitted to your chosen agency. Focus on newer firms because they are highly to accept fresh writers and they are also highly to commit excellency because they also want to be the next thing in the entertainment industry.

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